Vancouver Singles Events & Speed Dating

The dating scene can be a real grind, especially in Vancouver but the reality is there are tons of cool, young single professionals in the Vancouver Metro Area. Finding the most efficient and stress-free way to meet new people can be hard, but speed dating and dating in general is changing for the better. Long gone are the need for stiff, impersonal first dates and you can see the trend moving more toward group events that make it moreĀ fun and engaging to meet someone in your age group, with similar interests right here in Vancouver.

vancovuer speed dating

Speed Dating vs Traditional Dating

Regular dating is like walking to work everyday when you could be driving a Ferrari. The slow grind of meeting tons of new people is time consuming, and can end up wearing you down. With the below listed speed dating and singles mixers our aim is to make the process of meeting fun, new people to another level – out of dingy bars and clubs, and into the trails, coasts and urban environment of Vancouver. Going for a hike, run or trying out archery tag or another physical activity is, in our eyes a more engaging a carefree way to both have fun and meet cool new profesional singles