Speed Dating Tips For Women

Look the Part

We go to extraordinary lengths to provide our guests with a sophisticated, quality service. Attention to detail is everything. We only use the best and most appropriate venues, the quality of the food and drink is exceptional and our hosts are highly trained and experienced facilitators. In this sort of environment you want to look your best! Click here for dress code guidelines.

Don’t Give Out Any Personal Details!

Speed dating is a great way to meet single guys. Its fun, it’s fast and most importantly, it’s safe. Help us keep it that way by not giving out any personal information during your speed dates. This includes last name, telephone number and email address. If you tick him off in your FastLife folder, and he also shows an interest in you, we’ll make sure you both have everything you need in order to catch up again!

Give Clear Signals

Men are notoriously bad at interpreting signals from women. Know what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear and that they convey what you mean. If you genuinely want to meet people then by all means flirt, just make sure you know how to separate the sexual flirting signals from the ‘hi, I’m friendly’ flirting signals.

Laugh and the World laughs with You

People love being around charismatic people because they spread good feelings. Get yourself into the right state of mind for making a fast impression and go for it. Feel good about yourself and others will feel good about you.

Like your mother said, if you haven’t got anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all… but don’t get up and leave!

I’ll illustrate this point with a story: A little while ago we had a russian immigrant attend one of our events. Although he had a PhD he had found it difficult to find a job in his field and was driving a cab to make ends meet. When he arrived at one of our female guest’s table she asked him what he did for a living (a no no in itself, see below) and promptly got up and went to sit at the bar when she found out he drove a taxi. Not only is this kind of behaviour deeply insulting to the man, it’s just plain wrong.
It’s almost inevitable that some of the people you meet will not be right for you, but they are human beings and deserve your respect and courtesy. They’ve paid to meet you too!

Be Interesting by Being Interested

Cut down the talk about yourself and ask him open-ended questions. Find out about him – after all people generally enjoy talking about themselves and feel flattered when someone shows an interest in them.

Jay Abrahams, the famous marketing expert, tells the story of a conversation he had with a stranger in a bar. He introduced himself and said that he was in town to do a lecture tour. He then asked the stranger “What brings you here?”

An hour later the man got up to leave. “You know Mr Abrahams” he said, “You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met”. Jay recounts that during the entire hour the only words he spoke were those of his introduction and his first question!

People like people who are interested in them. You don’t have to shut up entirely but when you engage someone in conversation make sure you spend at least 60% of the time listening to THEM!

Ask Him What He Enjoys Doing

Women and men often tend to fall back on the line ‘What do you do’? To some men, this can smack of ‘checking for wallet-padding’. Not everyone is doing work they love and the question may put them on the spot. Men are much more activity orientated than women. Asking them what they enjoy doing in their life will allow you to find out more about what makes them tick.

Be Yourself

There’s no point assuming a role you think someone wants you to play because you’ll get found out sooner or later. Be proud of who you are and if you aren’t sure how you are at your best, you might want to do some work on it.

Dress Code

One simple rule of thumb for any outfit is that if your mother would wear it, you shouldn’t. Likewise, if your daughter would wear it, you shouldn’t either! If you look in the mirror and think, “Do I look ridiculous in this?” lets face it – you probably do.

Here are 5 simple tips for dressing for a speed date:

1. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it – Although squeezing your size 14 boobs into a skimpy size 8 top might be good for your ego, it’s not good for your circulation. Nor should you hide your shape behind billowy clothes that make you look like you’re about to set sail.

2. Wear appropriate makeup – Make-up should enhance your features, not hide them. Be sure to use shades that match your natural skin tone. Contrary to popular belief, men DO actually notice when your neck is a different colour to your face. Aim to look like a natural beauty that wakes up looking that way, not the result of a 3 coat paint job.

3. If you’re driving or planning to take a cab you can wear the sexiest, most impractical high heels you’ve got, after all, it’s the men that move around while you stay seated. If you’re walking far or taking public transport you should think about wearing moderately comfortable shoes. Although Carey from Sex and the City might look perfectly comfortable tramping around Manhattan in 6 inch Manolo’s, that’s because she’s a fictional character. You want to focus on your date, not how much your feet hurt

4. Wear sexy underwear – you’ll feel like a femme fatale! If you feel sexy you’ll come across that way too.

5. Don’t over dress – Although you’re unlikely to impress anyone in track pants and thongs, you’ll look a little ridiculous turning up in a gold sequined full-length ball gown and a tiara. The dress code is the stylish end of smart-casual- which can encompass anything from dressy jeans to a cocktail dress.