Edmonton Speed Dating & Single Events

The harsh cold winters of Edmonton can make being single in this city much harder than it needs to be, and dating can already be challenging enough. Singles events are known to either be awesome, or dull, forced and awkward as hell. We’ve seen the problems this has caused, and compiled a list of some of the more unique, genuine, and frankly more productive events for cool, fun single professionals in Edmonton.

Singles Events Get Better In 2017

The trend in speed dating and finding local singles is changing heavily this year and it’s all for the better. Instead of being stuck in a sweaty bar, what about going for a jog, or a hike around Edmonton? These are much more engaging activities that are perfect for getting to know people. than sitting around a gin and tonic – although who doesn’t love a frosty gin and tonic after a hard day of work. Making the process of meeting people and testing out personalities and chemistry less abrasive, awkward and more fun and stress-free is where these singles events in Edmonton are heading in 2017.

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