Sexiest City Survey

July 30, 2008 –, Canada’s largest speed dating service, has released a study on attractiveness and popularity in singles across the nation. The study was conducted to celebrate the FastLife’s 6th anniversary and to provide a better understanding of single-dom in the 21st century.

According to the study, Winnipeg is Canada’s “sexiest” city, with an average ranking of 51%. Vancouver follows closely at 49%, while Calgary takes third with 48%. Toronto and Edmonton tie for fourth place with 46%. While Montreal has the highest proportion of super sexy ‘Elite’ members, it still manages no better than the second lowest spot with 42%. Rounding out the bottom is unsexy Ottawa, at 40%.

The study based its results on the popularity of speed daters from different postcodes. At FastLife events, speed daters have eight minutes to “date” 10 members of the opposite sex, after which they rate each candidate with a YES or NO vote. The number of YES votes that each person attracts from the people they meet is tallied up to give a popularity or “sexiness” ranking.

Women Canada-wide achieved an average popularity ranking of 56%, versus a male average of 41%, proof that either women are superior in the dating department or that men are simply less picky.

The sexiest women in Canada hail from Winnipeg, where the average woman scores a popularity ranking of 69%. If you’re looking for eligible bachelors, head to Edmonton where men rank at 51% on average. Though most cities display some gender imbalance in sexiness, it is in Edmonton we see the greatest disparity. While Edmonton men lead the nation, Edmonton women rank last, pulling the city’s overall average down to 5th place.

“Whilst beauty may be skin deep, attractiveness certainly isn’t. People with the ‘it’ factor come in all shapes and sizes. It’s their ability to strike a balance between being interested and interesting that sets them apart from the crowd,” says FastLife CEO and founder Justin Parfitt.

In addition to comparing city sexiness, the FastLife study also exposes several “pockets” of sexiness across the country. The sexiest suburbs are Richmond in B.C., Newmarket in Ontario, and Chateauguay in Quebec, while Canada’s sexiest neighbourhoods in Canada are Yaletown in Vancouver, the Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto, Osborne Village in Winnipeg, and Kensington in Calgary.